Long Live King Roberto

So the Latics fans fears of losing him have all gone, as today as promised by Whelan, we go to see the end to what has a whirlwind 48 hours for Wigan and undoubtedly Aston Villa fans. It all came to an end when the club revealed Martinez to the media having signed on the dotted line to a new contract at the club. Great news, were we in any chance of losing him? It doesn’t sound like it.

Roberto said

“Over the last two years the Chairman has been very supportive to me and loyal, and now I feel I need to be loyal and supportive back to him.

“I haven’t finished my job at Wigan Athletic; there is much work still to be done, I don’t know how long that will take but such is the belief that I have always had that I would only ever decide to move once the club is ready for a new Manager.”

Source: Offical Site 

So from the mouth of the man himself, he has yet to finish is work at Latics, and won’t move till he has done. For most of us that will come as a big help and no doubly give us more hope for next season, this man is wanted by some top clubs all over Europe, we are lucky to have him.

Coming into his third year in charge this could be a very good season now for Wigan. It will make Martinez our longest serving Premier League Manger for one thing, helping to build on the foot hold we already have in the league.

While we have one of the brightest up coming minds in football management at the helm, who doesn’t look like leaving.

As the title says, ‘long live king roberto’ who could really make Latics something in the seasons to come, given the time and patients.

Who knows, maybe we will be looking forward to a Europa League run come this time next year. I certainty believe we can achieve that and so does Martinez.


2 thoughts on “Long Live King Roberto

  1. Stability? Optimism? Surely I’ve turned over a couple of pages at once! I’m genuinely pleased that Roberto is staying with us, as I can see how his influence is creating a positive style of play, and a belief amongst the squad. Yes, it’s taken a while, and some of the playing staff have taken longer to adjust than others ( Centerbacks, I’m hinting to you there), but it IS finally coming up roses 🙂

    • Yeah exactly the way the club is going and with Martinez at the helm the club will only grow.
      Getting him onto a new contract and for three years is just what the club and the fans needed. Best signing we will make this year.

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