Latics 0-1 Manchester City

A game we were unlikely to win, and one yet again we were unlucky not to get anything from. Has that not been the story of our season, and for once the luck of the green in getting those results is swaying away from Latics.

First off to the game itself, and what for the first 36 minutes look like a pretty even tie and one really we could have and should have been looking to go 1-0 in at half time. However there were other powers at work.

Man City’s David Silva, firing a shot at Ali. The normally reliable Ali fumbling it, and letting it slide in. From then there look no way back for Latics, Man City had the luck.

But our defence held strong and we looked more likely to get the second goal of the game. Many came close and had it been that someone was confident to smash the ball past Hart, I would be posting a much different post.

James McCarthy, Rodallega, Moses, Alcaraz, Diame, Sammon and N’Zogbia all had very good chances to score. Why can’t one of them put the ball away?

So it comes down to another, well done lads; pat on the back but better luck next time. I would however like to congratulate Connor Sammon on his first appearance for the club. He looks like a talent upfront, but that may not save us this season.

So with nine games to go, we are at the bottom of the table. Which in fairness gives us the best position to work from, we can’t get any worse, and don’t have to look over our shoulders. Martinez now has to get the strikers firing.

If we scored more goals through out the season we would have been comfortably safe, but as it is we have to fight yet again, and I feel like we can do this. So come on Latics, and bring on Birmingham on the 19th, three points will be ours!


5 thoughts on “Latics 0-1 Manchester City

  1. I thought your guys deserved at least a draw out of yesterdays game. You played a good passing game but our defence were on top of their game. I think Tevez seems to have gone on holiday, he’s not putting his usual effort in. David Silva on form is a delight to see, he may look small but he packs an awesome punch.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

    • Yeah have to agree with you. David Silva was the best player on the park for you yesterday, if Tevez had been on form then i recon it would have been a different game for us.

      It does look though like you will just shy a top three spot but best of luck to you.

    • Agree there Stevie, the Latics looked a far better side than the league table suggests and they played well against United too. If Wigan but keep playing that well and I’m sure they can survive the drop, the consequences otherwise could be disastrous.

      Good luck Wigan you deserve some.

  2. The first 20 minutes i thought we were going to blow you out of the water.Some of our interchange of passing was a joy to watch.The trouble was we were too ‘Arsenal’ like,trying to be too clever and pass the ball into the net.The game then went flat for us and even after Silva fluked the goal it never lifted our play.

    Wigan played very well in the second half and at times we were hanging on for grim death.Only some poor finishing and luck ensured you didn’t get a point at least.As for Tevez he was playing too deep and is never effective when he does that.

    Good luck for the rest of the season!

  3. Great football from you guys. You have some manager and I hope the fans and board realise it and don’t discard him for some tosser like Warnock or Fat Sam. Our defence was pretty watertight but you had much the better of the second half.
    Good luck for the run in and hoping you stay up.

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