Players Back Captain Wanted

So the players returned to training yesterday for the start of pre-season training. It is of course the most joyous time for any football player in the country. The rigours fitness test, fat tests and being told you have over done it on holiday. Yet it is one of the best time for fans, seeing the new boys join in with the team, and yet we say good bye to some players. This year is no exception in any respects, minus one thing. The World Cup, with any player featuring, given an extra two weeks to rest before joining the squad on their pre-season tour.

Alcaraz is one such player off recovering after a very good World Cup for the Paraguayan, there has been rumours that he may not sign for the club after such a good world cup. He has even reportedly said their are other offers, yet he has signed a pre-contract agreement so he will be coming the DW unless a team comes in to pay to buy out his pre agreement.

One question though that all Wigan fans will have in their heads, is who will be our captain come next year. Melchiot has left, not taking up the on year extension offered, so that leaves us with no captain. The shortlist for many seems to revolve around three players: Caldwell, Bramble and Kirkland. For me all three have a good shout for the captaincy, but who is the best? Well for that lets have a look at what each player gives to the squad.

Gary Caldwell was former Celtic captain, he is a full scottish international and is a rock at the back. Although he will miss the beginning of the season, Caldwell would still be a strong captain. He has a commanding presence, which for me has been something we have lacked as a side since we lost De Zewue. The team needs a natural born leader, and Caldwell looks to be one.

Titus Bramble has been at the club for three seasons now. When he start he was big clumsy center back, and now look at him, a solid rock at the back and a really passionate player who has taken the club to heart. He would be passionate leader, he may not always get his decisions right but he has the ability to inspire the players to fight on for the Latics.

Chris Kirkland is now the second longest serving player at the club behind Mike Pollitt. Kirkland has always had major injury problems, but since joining Wigan he has managed to cement a place at the club and be a dependable goalkeeper. His past injury recon has kept him out of the England squad. As a Captain Kirkland would give us someone with great communication skills and not afraid to shot at others and tell them were they are going wrong.

All three could get it, and it comes down to Martinez and what he sees in training. Who ever gets it, lets hope they have the clubs at heart and fire in their belly to lead us upwards and onwards. This year could prove to be important, if we get the balance of play just right then we can forget relegation. But if yet again we struggle to score and then can’t hold out, it will be another long hard season. But lets look on the positive side and the half full kind of people, and that is the kind of captain we need.


2 thoughts on “Players Back Captain Wanted

  1. Titus all the way. Being a season ticket holder, i watch every game and i believe nobody plays with their heart on their sleve like Titus.

  2. Caldwell has the experience & presence, and is already a leader on the pitch. Giving him the armband would only be cementing the mantle he took on at the back end of last season.I think he’d be our best option.

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